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Bio Centric Approaches to Health and Well Being

  • 2Days
  • 2Steps
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This course focuses on human health and the environment providing participants with an understanding of how all systems can affect a particular individual's physical and mental health. Phenomenological methodologies are introduced to study the interconnection between man and nature. Bio Centric techniques used in the etheric field are acquired along with an understanding of how these techniques interface with the human bio-field to harmonise energies within the body. Participants will be introduced to the concepts, interpretation and therapeutic application of subtle energies within the body; with emphasis on the energy field, frequency and resonance. Participants study the connections between the mind, body and spirit in developing and harmonising energy using Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics theory as the foundation. This course is designed to provide a lot of opportunities for participants to change and harmonise subtle negative energies & to apply it to objects, food, the environment and the body.

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