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Respiratory & Immunity Support Formula

Respiratory & Immunity Support Formula


  • Benefits

    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, your lungs are ‘delicate’ organs and are susceptible to undesirable factors (such as by hot weather, poor immunity, late nights, free radicals and toxins from the air you breathe in). These factors can cause disruption in “Yin-Yang” balance, often causing Yin-deficiency symptoms like heatiness, sore throat and dry cough. Respiratory & Immunity Support Formula is  a combination of TCM herbs that overcomes yin-deficiency of the lungs, and relieves dryness as well as internal body heat.


    Method of Brewing

    Add herbs in a pot with 750 ml of water. 
    Bring to boil for high heat for 4 hours or in auto setting on slow cookpot for 7 hours. 
    Add 4 pieces of shiitake mushrooms.


    ** Hot seller, limited stock only**


    Improve respiratory health by nourishing “Yin” energy and hydrate lungs

    • Support lungs immunity
    • Help clear the internal body heat & dryness, and ease breathing by relieving sore throats and dry phlegm/cough.
    • Beneficial to individuals who suffer :
      Short-term respiratory health concerns
      → Suffer from short-term respiratory health concerns
      → Suffer from long-term respiratory health concerns such as sinus reactions, chronic allergy cough and low resistance to respiratory infection as well as exposure to flu variants

    Here are some things to note:

    1. It must be within 7 days from the date of receipt.

    2. Your item must be unopened and in the same condition that you received it, in the original packaging with the sales invoice.

    3. For orders outside of Singapore, please note that you will have to bear the shipping cost for return.




    Local Delivery within Singapore

    - A  delivery charge is applicable to orders
    - Delivery timings are between Monday to Saturday 9 am-9pm (excluding Public Holidays).
    - Any order(s) or delivery cancellation after item(s) have been dispatched from our warehouse, the delivery costs incurred will be borne by customer.


    Terms & Conditions


    Please notify us immediately of any change to your delivery address or contact number. Any changes in the shipping address details after the submission of your order may incur an administrative charge of $10.00.


    If you specifically instruct our delivery team to leave your delivery outside the door of the specified delivery address, such delivery shall be at your sole risk and you accept all liability and risk of loss, theft, and damage. For all other deliveries, please arrange for someone to receive the delivery and sign off the delivery invoice.


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