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Pranajeewa is made according to an ancient herbal formula that dates back to over 3000 years. The current formula was recorded over 200 years ago and remained unchanged. It contains over 200 herbs from deep in the Sri Lankan forest. The fresh hand-picked herbs are washed, cut and dried to make this which is simmered in heavy stainless steel cauldrons for over four months continuously during which time the goodness of the herbs are absorbed into the five oils.


The procedure involved in the making of Pranajeewa Oil is accurate, yet it is as ancient today as it was two hundred years ago. The procedure takes an average of four to four and half months. Rare and precious herbs go into the making of the oil. Some of the herbs are well known by all Sri Lankans for their cliring properties and some of them are rare and unknown. The oils used in the making of Pranajeewa are made within the premises of the Ayurveda Hospital and the herbs simmer for a period of six months. After the goodness is absorbed, the concentrated oil is poured into bottles and is ready.


Pranajeewa does not contain preservatives, colorings, poisonous chemicals, micro-organisms or bacteria, ash particles, sugar, or yeast additives because the ancient recipe does not call for these harmful additions. Only margosa oil, gingelly oil, ghee, castor oil, mee thel, and over 200 kinds of natural herbs. Tests conducted by the Sri Lankan Industrial Institute of Technology show that Pranajeewa Oil does not contain any ethyl alcohol or heavy materials.

  • Benefits

    The speciality of “Pranajeewa”


       Made with 200 herbs, according to an ancient recipe coming down from generations, adopting a specialized methodology, simmered for four and a half months.

    • Boosting the body’s natural immunity
      Registered with the U.S Food and Drugs Authority; being distributed worldwide as a natural herbal dietary supplements by the U.S. based Sun Industries.

    • Laboratory tests conducted in U.S.A and Sri Lanka have confirmed that Sethsuwa Pranajeewa does not contain any toxic and harmful chemicals, heavy materials, alcohol, sugar, harmful micro organisms, artificial colors and flavors.

    •  Pranajeewa can be used externally for cuts, bruises, burns and pains, giving instant relief.

    • It has been widely experienced that Pranajeewa will stop premature greying and falling of hair.
      Laboratory tests have conformed that prolonged use has not cause any side effects.


    Here are some things to note:

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